Principal Message

chadli bodily

Welcome to Layton High School, home of the Lancers!

If you are new to our community, rest assured you have chosen a great place to live! Layton is in the heart of Davis County which has a small community feel, but the conveniences of a larger city. Layton High School has been serving students of this area for over 60 years and has a tradition of community and excellence. Layton High currently has 2,200 students who “STAND as One” to demonstrate their Strength, Togetherness, Accountability, Nobility, and Determination in our district mission of Learning First

The 2020 school year brought about opportunities to rethink education. Throughout the 2021-2022 students will see increased opportunities to engage in curriculum both through face-to-face instruction and online instruction. Although we are back to in-person classes, we will continue to support health and wellness  of our students. Students are welcome to wear masks, but are not obligated to wear a mask. If students come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID they will be notified by our COVID aides and parents will be allowed to choose the response that best fits their individual needs. 

Additionally, we will continue to enhance the educational experience for individual students through our school improvement plan goals which include: Equity, Social-Emotional Learning, and Engagement. If you are interested in learning more about our school improvement plan, or how to become involved, please visit our Community Council page. We believe that the root of success for students resides in the home. We know when we can help facilitate educational involvement for families then students are bound to be successful. If there are areas of concern for your family, or with your student, we want to help! Please reach out to any of our counselors or our administrative team at any time. 

We are looking forward to the upcoming school year and are hopeful that we will be able to have students back in the building regularly again! 

Chadli Bodily
Principal; Layton High