Credit Recovery

Edgenuity Proctored Test Sign up: This is for students who are working to recover credit in Edgenuity and need to take a proctored cumulative test. Click the link below to complete the Edgenuity Test Sign up Form. Tests will be proctored on Wednesday mornings, by appointment only, in the Media Center. 

Edgenuity Test Sign up Form

Layton High School Credit Recovery

Beginning the 2023-24 school year, students who fail a class (below 40%) during this school year will need to recover the credit through Davis Connect Credit Recovery or another outside agency. Students will not be able to work in Edgenuity for the current school year classes.

After Term credit recovery or grade replacement is for students who failed a class at 40% or higher and want to replace a grade or who failed a class and want to recover the credit. Students must complete a signed contract with the teacher who issued the grade within two weeks of the end of the term. The teacher who issued the grade lists the work that needs to be done to qualify for either credit recovery or grade replacement and the date work must be completed. The work must be obtained and completed in the term immediately after the grade was issued. This will recover the lost credit or replace the term grade. The cost is $25.00 per quarter credit for credit recovery or $45.00 for grade replacement.

Students who have failed a core class in a previous school year, can work with their counselor to work in Edgenuity for up to 4 term classes at a cost of $25.00 per term.