Junior High

High School



Utah College Application Week

Complete Each Task Below


Task 1: Apply to Colleges

Show your confirmation page to a counselor to receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win swag


Task 2: Order Your Transcripts

  1. Go to your school email account to find an email from Parchment with a personalized link
  2. Click here to go to Parchment.
  3. Select "New Learner Account" (in the middle) if you have never used Parchment before
  4. Click on "I have a registration code," and use the code from your email to autofill your info
  5. Follow the prompts to get transcripts sent to the colleges you applied to

Task 3: Take the Student Survey

Complete the student survey.  It only takes a minute or two.  Please, and thank-you!


Task 4: Apply for the Jiffy Lube Scholarship

Earn a bonus raffle ticket if you apply for the Jiffy Lube scholarship!

Task 5: Conduct a Scholarship Search

Fill out some scholarship applications, if you have time.

Task 6: CE Status Switch (for concurrent enrollment students)

1. Login to your Weber State portal
2. In the search bar, type: status switch
3. Click on the icon and complete the form
4. Select YES, you will be attending WSU for the upcoming fall, even if you will not. You can defer scholarships after you receive them.

Task 7: Update your 4-year plan on mydsd




If you are not interested in working on applications,

you can choose from the activities below


Activity 1: Practice filling out a job application


Activity 2: Build a resume


Other Helpful Resources


Start Filling our the FAFSA (application for federal aid)



Regents Scholarship Application



Helpful tips for applying for scholarships