Junior High

High School


Social & Emotional Support


Community Resources (DSD)

Click here for a list of resources available in our community.

Counseling Permission forms


LGBTQ Resources

Click here for local, Statewide and nationwide resources for LGBTQ Youth.

Lunch Groups (LHS)

In an effort to help Layton High school students with any Social/Emotional concerns, the counseling department is holding Group meetings during the regular school lunch hour. These meetings are informal and open to all students. Two main areas will be featured - Tuesday Games, Thursday, Art. These classes are free and will meet on Tuesdays,and Thursdays in Room #178. 

Parent Toolkit

This toolkit will provide resources and tools to help you and your child navigate and plan from kindergarten through high school to be college and career ready. Click here for more information.

Student & Family Resources (DSD)

Click here for questions related to all services for home school, case management, Comprehensive Counseling and guidance, student and family resources, clinical team, community resources, prevention, truancy/attendance, residency, electronic high school and a 24 credit diploma.

Test Anxiety Help Suggestions

Most students experience some level of anxiety during an exam. However, when anxiety affects exam performance it has become a problem. Click here to view proven suggestions that will help you manage your test anxiety.

Youth Mental Heath Screening (Free)

The Davis School District has partnered with community agencies to provide a FREE Youth Mental Health Screening event screens for a variety of possible mental illnesses (using the DSM-V indicators) in any youth ages 12-18, with active parent consent (parent also must be present that night). 

Students will take the assessment, meet with a clinician who will help explain the results, meet with a resource facilitator (if needed), and visit information tables regarding local agencies and self-help strategies.  The ones who need to meet with a professional for further services will be provided access to options for their specific situation. The screening will take place on: