Lancer Pathways/ Legion Awards

Seniors, join the Lancer Legion by getting on a Lancer Path. Earn graduation recognition for taking specific pathway classes.

  • See the Career Pathways at Layton High  website for information, requirements, and the different Lancer Paths.  ​
  • Applications will be posted outside of the counseling center the beginning of March.    ​
  • Applications are due to the counseling center by the end of March. ​
  • Qualifying applicants will receive a Layton High School Medallion plus pins for each of the Lancer Legion Career Cluster their pathway fits under. Pins may, also, be received for other LHS recognitions.​
  • The medal, with attached pins, may be worn with the graduation robe at LHS Senior Graduation.​


Lancer Pathway Legion Award Application

Applications for the class of 2022 Lancer Pathway Award will be available beginning on Wednesday, February 16th outside the counseling center. They must be turned in to the counseling center no later than February 25th.

Click here to print a copy of the application from home.