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ACT Preparation Timeline

This is a brief summary of ACT preparation given at a parent workshop by Al Silberstein, an Educational Specialist for the US Army.

Educational Planning

Select classes that will strengthen your skills in reading, math and reasoning. Do NOT take a class because it is easy. Your core classes will help you on the ACT.

The Year Before the ACT

Take practice ACT tests to determine which areas have the most room for improvement. Actively participate in a program to help practice your ACT skills. There are many programs ranging from free to thousands of dollars. Some free internet sites are March2Success.com and UtahFutures.org. There are many CD-Rom programs, classes and books to help study. You can even check your local library. The two things to consider as you select are how the student learns and what will the student do.

The Month Before the ACT

Use the State Standardized Test Preparation for the areas of weakness using March2Success. It starts with a pre-test to determine where there are gaps in learning. After the pre-test, lessons are created to help fill in those gaps. It is a great way to focus on the areas of need.

The Week Before the ACT

Take a practice test on the area(s) of focus. This will be the last time.

The Night Before the ACT

Do not do anything with testing. However, this isn’t the time to stay out late with friends. Get a good night’s sleep.

The Morning of the ACT

Wake up and get ready. Taking the time to groom will cue the brain that it is time to wake up and be alert. Eat a good breakfast. Arrive with a picture id, your ACT ticket, #2 pencils and a calculator ready to take the test. Rooms usually load around 7:45 am. DO NOT take your cell phone into the testing room.

Testing Preparation Ideas

There are many options to help students prepare to take the ACT and/or SAT. Which option is best depends of what the student is willing to do and how the student learns. Below are some great options.

  • Practice ACT - Oct 16

  • LHS ACT Prep Classes
    • There will be classes offered at Layton High, through Community Education, before most ACT tests.
  • Schmoop
    • Comprehensive test prep website for ACT, SAT, & AP. The ACT prep is FREE thanks to taxpayer money. The AP prep has a cost.
      • Visit: https://schools.shmoop.com/utah/
      • Find: Layton High School
      • Magic Word: ZION
  • ShmoopTube
    • Videos for test prep and more.
  • UtahFutures
    • Test prep, tutorials, study resources, and other information about LearningExpress library and how it can be used.
  • Additional Resources
    • The local library, the school library and/or bookstores are excellent sources for materials on ACT/SAT preparation.
  • Paid Options
    • Magoosh is an edtech company providing affordable, online ACT and SAT prep. We're a hit with students — so much so that over 2 million students have used Magoosh to study!  A 10% off coupon code just for you. Type in SUPERSTUDENT at checkout to receive 10% off. 
    • The University of Utah ACT Test Prep course will help students identify their strengths and weaknesses, become familiar with the test, and practice all question types found on the ACT.  
    • Strategic ACT Prep. Clear, personalized path to a higher score. Small classes allow personalized instruction. Exclusive curriculum, Strategic ACT Prep Workbook.
  • Collegeboard SAT
    • This site provides test prep both free and at a cost for the SAT, PSAT & the NMSQT. This is a great resource for more than just testing.

Which Test Should I Take?



The ACT is accepted by all universities in Utah and 97% of the schools outside Utah.  The ACT has four sections which include English, math, reading and science.  Math is 25% of the overall score on this test.  It is to your benefit to fill in all answers even if you have to guess.  At this point in time, there is not a Utah school that requires the written part of the ACT.  BYU prefers the ACT over the SAT, but will accept both.  Layton High School is a testing site of most of the ACT tests. 



The SAT I measures verbal and reasoning abilities.  SAT II tests subjects areas.  Math is one-third of the overall score on this test.  You are penalized for guessing.  You received credit for a correct answer, you don't receive any credit for an answer left blank, but 1/4 point (approximately) is subtracted from your overall score if the answer is wrong.  If you want to attend college outside of the state of Utah, please check with the school to see which test they require.

When you sign up for any test, college application, or scholarship you are asked for Layton High School's code.

Layton High School's Code: 450 - 163

Layton High is a test center for most of the ACT tests. If you would like to take the ACT here at Layton High School, our test center code is 198 - 460.