Off-Campus Opportunities (Internship, Industry Pathway, Magnet, etc)

Magnet (take a class at another school) options

Are you working towards your Legion Path Award, being a CTE Completer, or earning the college Certificate of Completion and a class is not offered at Layton High School? 

See if another school in Davis District offers the desired course and let your counselor know that you would like to take the class there (magnet course).

CTE Classes at other Davis District schools (at the very bottom)

CE classes at other Davist District Schools

Internship and Work-Based Learning

Course 7912      Fee $30.00

Work-Based Learning gives the student the opportunity to learn a variety of skills by expanding the walls of the classroom learning to include the community. By narrowing the gap between theory and practice, Work-Based Learning creates meaning for students. The internship is a ‘capstone’ program for students to have a ‘real-world ‘experience through a mentored internship. The internship coordinator will place students in an appropriate business site. Students may request a specific business.

Internship Video

Here are the steps to getting an internship:
1.  Fill out the online application
2. Contact Internship Coordinator: Cindy Wall  801-989-9056 to make sure she received your application.               
3.  Talk to your CTE coordinator and schedule any two consecutive class periods for your internship
4.  Clear citizenship U’s & Maintain a good GPA
5.  Have reliable transportation/valid driver’s license

TEACH in DAVIS program

The Teach in Davis Tutor Course is designed to give high school students first-hand experience in the classroom. Students who take this class will apply to be a teaching assistant at an elementary or junior High School. Students will get paid to work as a teaching assistant while they are earning high school credit. 

To apply for a position, fill out this application and email it to  Consider calling her 801-402-5102 and seeing if she received the application. Once the principal has approved the hire. The student will need to complete an official HR application at Davis District Home - Home - Teach in Davis website so they can be hired. The principal will email the student the specific job code they will apply to.  The school CTE coordinator will put the class in the student's schedule.

First page of the PDF file: TeachinDavisTutorCourseFlyer

NUAHEC Medical Scholars

  • Required: 2.8 GPA, taken MAP or CNA, Work with CTE coordinator to apply, and meet with a representative of NUAHEC 

  • $200.00 lab fee required plus the cost of 2 sets of scrubs and the WSU registration and course fees apply 

  • Other Credits: 3 WSU credits HTHS 2910 and 1 credit in LIBS general ed credit                    

  • DOUBLE PERIOD register for back-to-back period block                           

This is a medical field and healthcare systems career exploration class. Students are given early direction of the many options available to them in a very competitive medical field as they explore the medical pathways through job shadowing, skill training experiences (intubation, suturing, IVs, vitals, CPR cert, etc.) and guest speakers.  

First page of the PDF file: CatalystApplicationSpring2024

Biotechnology at Northridge HS 

•This is a course designed to introduce students to lab protocols, lab equipment, good manufacturing practice (GMP), and technologies that support bioscience lab research and practice.  

•Students are also introduced to career possibilities in the field of biotechnology.   Students will learn how to operate lab equipment and interpret the results of PCR, Electrophoresis, lab cultures, and more.

•This is an up-and-coming field where all the new inventions are coming to better our lives!   Testing for COVID-19 was done with PCR and with technologies developed with biotechnology. 

  • The leading edge in new technology!  There are always lots of cool things to learn and new equipment used to solve problems!

Machining at Northridge

Matching flier
First page of the PDF file: AvalonFlier_1


  • Credits: CTE or Elective 

Students are released from 12:30-3:30 each day to attend Avalon. Registration must be completed at the beauty school PRIOR to enrolling in this course. Credit is awarded by the high school. Some scholarships and financial aid may be available through the schools to help students with fees. This is a 1600-hour course. See CTE Coordinator, Mrs. Johnson, for more information.