Off-Campus CTE Programs

An internship provides the opportunity to intern in the Career Pathway of your choice!!

Work Based Learning/Internships
Welcome to the CTE Internships website!  Our goal is to provide you with an opportunity to experience the career that you are seeking.  An internship will allow you to experience your future career to find out what you like about the career and what you may find difficult.  You can determine if the career is really what you want to do before spending lots of time and money pursuing it.

In order to experience an internship, you need to be a senior with good grades and no citizenship U's.  An internship lasts for one semester and requires two class periods.  The internship class will earn 1 elective credit.  You will need to have transportation to your internship site.

Work-Based Learning benefits students by:
-Exposing students to adult role models.
-Improving scholastic student motivation.
-Applying classroom learning.
-Exploring career options.
-Helping students make better decisions and plans.
-Improving post-secondary prospects.
-Helping students understand workplace expectations.
-Exposing students to state-of-the-art practices and technology.

How can I do an internship? 
Watch the Internship Video below, Complete the Application below, Contact Cindy Wall to let her know that you are interested. Take charge of your future and begin something amazing.

INternship Application

The Internship Coordinator for the North end schools is Cindy Wall 801-989-9056 

The CTE Catalyst Center

The Catalyst Center is the place where innovation, collaboration and education meet. Our CTE magnet school brings Davis School District students, local business and industry mentors together.   The Catalyst Center is part of the nationally recognized CAPS Network (Center for Advanced Professional Studies). CAPS students fast forward to their future careers and are fully immersed in a professional culture where they develop critical thinking and problem solving skills by working in collaborative groups to complete real-world projects while being mentored by industry partners.

What is the Catalyst? Here is a flyer.   See your Counselor for information.   

If you are interested, complete a Catalyst Center Application 


  • Hosting school changes each year so see your CTE Coordinator for school rotation                           

  •  $350.00 fee required 

  • Credits: CTE or Elective  

Magnet class taught in partnership with Cornerstone Aviation, by an FFA certified instructor at DSD High Schools.  Course prepares the student for the national airspace system.  To include the following fundamentals, but not limited to:  Principles of flight, Flight environment, Performance and systems, Meteorology and weather data, Basic navigation, Aviation physiology, Flight planning and decision-making. Additional flight training, course fees, and testing fees required.  


  • Credits: CTE or Elective 

Students are released from 12:30-3:30 each day to attend Avalon. Registration must be completed at the beauty school PRIOR to enrolling in this course. Credit is awarded by the high school. Some scholarships and financial aid may be available through the schools to help students with fees. This is a 1600-hour course. See CTE Coordinator, Mrs. Johnson, for more information.