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Burger King is Hiring


Do your students want jobs as soon as they leave high school? Discover everything Penske Logistics has to offer high school seniors looking to begin their careers in this FREE online webinar.

Join Pensek for an engaging, insightful talk as we dive into:

  • A complete overview of Penske, what we do, and our company structure
  • What we offer high school students looking to start their careers
  • An introduction to the entry-level warehouse roles at Penske

As a warehouse associate, you will work in a fast-paced environment with high safety standards. You will receive on the job training and work alongside great people all while enjoying the advantages of working for a large, stable company.

Don’t miss out - Register today by clicking HERE

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 Internship Applications for 22-23 school year Seniors are being accepted for next semester. 

An internship requires 2 class periods back to back, reliable transportation to the internship site, good grades, no citizenship ‘U’s, and a $30.00 class fee.   

Contact Cindy Wall           801-989 9056  

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Burgerstop Now Hiring

Panda Express

Get paid to be a TA

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