Davis Technical College (DTC)

First page of the PDF file: WanttogototheDTC

A self-guided presentation on becoming a DTC student. DTCPresentation.pdf


The DTC transmittal request form for step 3B.  Return this to CTE Secretary Marian Robinson in the counseling center or to CTE Coordinator Stacy Johnson via email (stajohnson@dsdmail.net)

The DTC Policy and Consent form that will be need to be read through, signed, and given to DTC student services.

Visit the DTC Website at davistech.edu to see what DTC programs the campus has to offer and check out the quick reference guide below.

DTC Program Quick Reference Guide    

Here is a DTC new student orientation for High School students and their parents. This is a good resource to help your students understand how Davis Tech works with their schedule, progress, and grades, and provides good instruction on what to expect. We encourage you to use it often when counseling with your students who have questions about what concurrent enrollment at Davis Tech looks  like.  https://www.davistech.edu/dashboard/current-students