Davis Technical College (DTC)


Become a DTC student in 5 steps: 

  1. Contact your counselor to discuss graduation credits and how the DTC will fit into your schedule. 

  • Your counselor will approve you for the DTC by adding your name to the DTC Tracking list. 

  • They may put a DTC place holder into your schedule where your DTC classes will go. 

If you receive Special Ed services, contact Shara Ballstaedt 801-593-2370 BEFORE any DTC enrollment paperwork is completed and turned in.  She will get you all set up, walk you through the registration process, and then send you back to us to create your transmittal.  


  1. Receive a DTC Transmittal Request form and DTC Information 

  • LHS CTE Coordinator, Stacy Johnson, in the counseling center, at stajohnson@dsdmail.net 

  • Discuss DTC information, expectations, questions, graduation credits, and school schedule.     


  1. Decide on the DTC Program that you want to participate in. To help with this decision you can: 

  • Call the DTC campus at 801-593-2500 to set up a tour.   Tours are very limited.       


  1. Return the completed DTC Transmittal Request form and get a DTC Transmittal print out 

  • Return it during April / May for Summer and 1st semester DTC start dates or during December / January for 2nd semester DTC start dates.   Returning after these suggested months will work, too.  


  1. GO to DTC Student Services   or   CALL the DTC to see if there is an opening in the program.   

  • GO directly to DTC Student Services with your DTC Transmittal print out. 

  • Enter through the West side of the round glass building and turn left.  Halfway down the long hall, on your left, is a sign for Student Services.     

  • CALL 801-593-2337 to be placed on a contact (wait) list. 

  • Plan to PAY the $40.00 enrollment fee plus program fees using a credit or debit card.     

  • The DTC program will, now, be added to your school schedule. 


If you have any problems getting registered at DTC Student Services or change your mind and decide not to attend the DTC, please let us know.  

Visit the DTC Website at davistech.edu to see what DTC programs the campus has to offer and check out the quick reference guide below.

DTC Program Quick Reference Guide    

Here is a DTC new student orientation for High School students and their parents. This is a good resource to help your students understand how Davis Tech works with their schedule, progress, and grades, and provides good instruction on what to expect. We encourage you to use it often when counseling with your students who have questions about what concurrent enrollment at Davis Tech looks  like.  https://www.davistech.edu/dashboard/current-students