Career Pathways at Layton High


Testimonials from some of Layton High School's

2021-2022 Lancer Legion CTE Pathway Completers

First page of the PDF file: CTEPathwayStudentTestimonial21-22henriksen
First page of the PDF file: CTEPathwayStudentTestimonial21-22childs
First page of the PDF file: CTEPathwayStudentTestimonial21-22Hemsley-2

Lancer Legion Path / Legion Award

  • Lancer Legion Path packet 22-23LHSCTEPathwaypacket.pdf
  • Applications will be posted outside of the counseling center the beginning of March.    First page of the PDF file: LancerGradperson_1
  • Applications are due to the counseling center by the end of March. ​
  • Qualifying applicants will receive a Layton High School Medallion plus a pin for the Lancer Legion Career Cluster their pathway fits under. Pins may, also, be received for other LHS recognitions.​
  • The medal, with attached pins, may be worn with the graduation robe at LHS Senior Graduation.​

Choose Your Career Interest Legion Path

CTE Career Pathways   

Choose from 13 Career Cluster Areas with 35 relating Career Pathways. Students who participate in a CTE Career Pathway learn how to become productive employees and gain the academic skills to increase their earning potential while still in high school. 

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