Stacy Johnson

LHS CTE Coordinator
DSD FCS Pathway Specialist                           

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Marian Robinson

LHS CTE Executive Assistant


Career and Technical Education (CTE) at Layton High provides our students with knowledge and skills in many different content areas including:

  • Agricultural
  • Business & Marketing
  • Family and Consumer Science
  • Health Sciences
  • Information Technology
  • Skilled and Technical  
  • Technology and Engineering

These seven content areas are divided up into 13 Career Cluster Areas with relating Career Pathways.  CTE Courses combine the academic knowledge and technical skills that are vital for entry into the careers of the 21st century and help students to seamlessly transition from high school to college to careers and life. Skills are verified through CTE State Skill Certificate tests or industry tests in each course. Many CTE courses also offer Concurrent Enrollment College credit.


CTE students have a higher graduation rate than non-CTE students. The CTE Skill Certificates students earn in their courses give them an edge on their resumes and applications.   

Check Out other Values and Purposes of CTE. 

Layton High School CTE
Teacher & Students of the Month
Agriculture, Business & Marketing, Engineering & TechnologyFamily & Consumer Sciences, Health Sciences, Information Technology, and Skilled & Technical Sciences
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Jeremiah Allen - Skilled and Technical Sciences

Shadd Allsup - Skilled and Technical Sciences

Scott Applegate - Business and Marketing

Stacie Bateman - Information Technology

Darin Beardall - Technology and Engineering

Kelsey Bernards - Family and Consumer Sciences

Brian Berrong - Family and Consumer Sciences / Teaching as a Profession

Susan Bingham - Family and Consumer Sciences

Haley Bryson - Health Sciences

Marc Curtis- Skilled and Technical Sciences

Marc Fenwick - Skilled and Technical Sciences

Robert Ferneau - Health Sciences

Gage Freeman - Technology and Engineering

Erin Halbasch- Family and Consumer Sciences

Samantha Harris - Family and Consumer Sciences

Cicily Moss - Business and Marketing

Barbara Munns - Family and Consumer Sciences

Terry Rawley - Early Childhood Training Center Director

Stephen Richards - Technology and Engineering

Robert Shaffer - Business and Marketing

Randall Sly - Information Technology

Corey Spencer - Skilled and Technical Sciences

Tiffany Taurone - Business and Marketing