Participation in UHSAA sanctioned events, student government, student clubs, graduation ceremonies, and other extracurricular activities is not a constitutionally protected civil right.  Therefore, students who are suspended, transferred to an alternative placement, or expelled, may lose the privilege of participation in all extracurricular activities during the period of discipline and will not be afforded due process procedures to challenge the denial of participation. 

Eligibility for UHSAA Sanctioned Events 

Students participating in UHSAA sanctioned activities must meet the minimum guidelines established in the UHSAA policy handbook .

Students must be a full-time student in the school he or she intends to represent, or otherwise comply with all Utah State Board of Education dual enrollment requirements. (DSD policy identifies full-time student status as 3/4 enrollment - which at LHS is 5 out of 8 classes.) 

Academic Requirements - Participating students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA, no more than one F, and no U citizenship from the previous term. This standard must be maintained throughout the playing season in order to participate. Coaches may increase requirements for individual teams/organizations as long as it is disclosed during or before try-outs. 

Determination of academic eligibility shall be made no later than the seventh calendar day following the last day of the grading period. Grade changes after that time cannot restore lost eligibility. 

Citizenship Standards – All unsatisfactory citizenship must be cleared prior to the first scheduled contest/event. 

Eligibility for student officers are set in the by-laws and try-out disclosures. In most cases they exceed the requirements above.